The Law

The Law, rather like religion, is more a contributor to OUR problems than a solution to OUR problems. The majority of The Laws are attempting to establish enforcement of issues that are based on GREED.

Furthermore, the original intent of a Law is encapsulated in a huge document which attempts to cover all potential legal aspects, considerations and interpretations of the intent. And this is all done by a person who is probably academically limited because the academically astute and superior practicians of the Law will be sought after by the bigger, more prosperous and thus more powerful legal firms. Thus the current situation, in a court of law, means that the person who has the deepest pockets ( = the person with the most money available ) can afford to hire the most competent ( = expensive ) legal advice and will be the person more likely to win “the case”. QED.

There is however a lot more to this issue and it is more easily discussed under separate posts which deal with THE INFLUENCES on our problems.