Religion provides the vast majority of people on this planet with a set of ethical and moral codes which are able to help them navigate through the confusions and distractions of every day life. HOWEVER Religion has been, and continues to be, the driving force which is used to justify most, if not all, of the conflicts that are rife on this planet and at this time.

The fundamental cause of Religious strife is when factions of that Religion become fanatical about THEIR Religion being the ONLY ONE and any digression from their interpretation of their Religion is heretical and must therefore be punished, removed, converted or at the very least muzzled.

It is my personal conviction that EVERY Religion and EVERY Cult has the basis of good intention and can be of benefit to their believers. HOWEVER as soon as RESPECT FOR ANY OTHER RELIGION is removed and that religion is considered to be the only salvation for mankind then that Religion no longer deserves any for RESPECT themselves. The Code needs to be accepted as the fundamental principle that drives any subsequent interpretations of the will of the Supreme being in whose name that Religion is promoted.