The fundamental cause of the planetary degeneration into ARMAGEDDON is caused by a few fundamental problems. These problems, not necessaraily in order of importance,  are : 


Do Gooders (The Third Party )



The Law

I do expect that this list may grow BUT if there is sufficient attention focussed on these 4 basic PROBLEMS then we will come a long way towards DELAYING the inevitable ARMAGEDDON finale. 

The word ARMAGEDDON   is generally accepted as the cataclysmic end-of-the-world. There are various interpretations for this event but most define this as the  time when the EARTH, as we know it, comes to an end. What happens then is the subject of many, many discussions and most religions will define this as the final-day-of-judgement . HOWEVER I do not see this as a specific event in time. Like the statement that LIFE is a JOURNEY and not a DESTINATION  I believe that we are in the final years of ARMAGEDDON at this time. It is happening. NOW! We are expediting our own demise at this very moment. NOTE !! We are expediting ARMAGEDDON.

The excuses that we use to avoid actually addressing the problems ( as listed above ) will be addressed in another post on this blog. They are so many, meaningless and pathetic that they need to be addressed with great care and sensitivity.  So later !!

Can this event be prevented? I think that is the REAL question. And regardless of the answer I think that it is worth making an effort to do so. If we accept that we cannot do anything to stop ARMAGEDDON the alternatives are limited to two options only.  Are we going to be good so that we are going to go to heaven (or any variation of this word depending on our religious beliefs) -OR- are we going to be bad, accept that our time is limited, and enjoy our lives as much as possible and as irresponsibly as our conscience will let us get away with. Or maybe we even ignore the conscience as well!!  And go to hell because we do not really believe in hell, or whatever our understanding of the word might be, anyway.

Thus, having decided ( tentatively!! ) that we are going to at least make an effort to circumvent ARMAGEDDON, where do we start.? What can we do?

First and foremost is to define a CODE that we can live by, that we can relate to, that we can accept and put into practice in our everyday lives. What are the essential aspects of this code ? 
1) It must be very simple, very clear and unambiguous. 
2) It must have as few words as possible to keep it away from the never ending discussions on semantics.
3) It must not clash with any religious belief.
4) It would be good if it could be considered as a summary of the basic commandments of most religions and the constitutions of most countries. We cannot say ALL because my experience is that everything on this planet, that is created by man, has a exception.

The best that I have been able to come up with over many years of consideration is : 


I believe that application of THE CODE to how we conduct our own lives and as the basis on which to address all the PROBLEMs,  that have been identified above, can cause a significant reduction in the pace of our advance to ARMAGEDDON. If we slow the process down enough maybe we will be able to find a process ( or an attitude ) that will cause ARMAGEDDON to go away.

There is no way I can get anywhere with this belief without support from YOU,
Please join me on this blog,

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