Respect before Responsibility before Rights

When I was considering The Law as one of our major problems in association with POLITICS I also identified the need for a Judge to be able to rule based on a) Simple English Definition of Intent and b) his own personal interpretation of the facts, WHENEVER THE LEGAL/TECHNICAL BATTLES WERE CHALLENGING THE
Simple English Definition of Intent . The judge would need to be as objective as possible.  This “personal interpretation” now becomes a new problem. What moral/ethical rules does the Judge use as a guide to interpret the facts. Justice one says. Well that takes us back into the circle which requires the creation of the  Simple English Definition of Intent in the first place. Justice as a concept has become far to complex and IS BEING misinterpreted. The Ten Commandments is a pretty reasonable guide for how to live and how to decide right from wrong but these rules come from the Christian Religion and can be considered biased or even inappropriate in other religions. Not only that, but they are extremely out-dated and do not address the times that we live in or the level of intelligence (or perhaps education ?? ). So we need a basic, fall-back decision-making-tool. As simple as possible that can serve as NON-THREATENING, quick-reference, check list. The most important aspect of this CODE must be simplicity with as little scope for semantics  as possible. We MUST be able to take away the complexity in the Law which provides the necessity of legal representation every aspect of The Law.

RESPECT before
before RIGHTS.

Each of these words is discussed in detail explaining why I think that they are the best choice, their intention, their intended meaning and their sequence. The sequence IS VERY IMPORTANT because backward application of The Code is also significant.

I sincerely believe that if, each and everyone of us, can adopt The CODE so that it becomes a natural part of our thinking pattern and our decision making process that the whole world can become a better place. This, as a natural consequence will start to dissipate  our path to ARMAGEDDON and perhaps give someone the time to find a solution.

The really important part of this process is that we DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUT DISRESPECT AND GREED rather than sit back and possibly prepare for an after-life after ARMAGEDDON.

Please help me get everyone to start practicing The CODE,

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