Is Trump Good or Bad

The comments about President Trump are endless. I reckon that he must be the most reported and commented man in history. I am SURE that this does not make him the most popular but neither is he the most unpopular. This post is being put in place because I would like to get some carefully considered opinions about this man. What do you think about him? What is your opinion about his capabilities and his achievements?

My only definite opinion is that the man is probably doing some good by being so anti-establishment. He sure does not get the total, committed support he needs from his own political party. And perhaps that is a good thing because all political parties have the same shortcomings that are listed in my pages on POLITICS. Maybe it is a good thing that he is rocking the boat. Perhaps some good can come out of it.

It is rather difficult to pass judgement on ANY other aspect of his presidency because one never knows when he is addressing the subject matter never mind telling the truth, the whole truth etc….

Please let me know what you think,