You and I are The Virus

There is little we can do to deny the fact that HUMAN BEINGS are the worst virus on this planet. This is especially so when we think like a virus. Fortunately not all of the occupants on earth have Virus Attitude.
Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards. There are three basic human attitudes in the context of the Virus Attitude:

The ACTIVE Virus Attitude ( AVA ) is a person who is a taker , contributes very little to society and in terms of The CODE they RESPECT pretty well nothing on the planet, their level of RESPONSILBILITY does not extend to themselves ( eat badly, too little or too much exercise and probably use drugs and/or alcohol to solve all their problems ) and spend their lives demanding that they are given the full extent of their RIGHTS and all the benefits possible.

The NEUTRAL Virus Attitude ( NVA ) is a person who is self sufficient and maintains a balanced social existence has RESPECT for those persons and issues that are convenient to their beliefs and the level of RESPONSIBILITY which they are able to assume some accountability for. They will try to ensure that they do get the benefits given to them by their RIGHTS but will align their expectations with their responsibilities and a degree of fairness and reasonableness.

The SURVIVAL Aware Virus ( SAV ) is a person who is essentially a contributor and intentionally devotes time and energy resisting the number one problem of the human race, being GREED. They will assume RESPONSIBILITY for dynamics higher than Groups, which raises them ABOVE POLITICS. They will also understand that RIGHTs are GIVEN and not TAKEN and will be aware that higher levels of responsibility often extends to relinquishing their rights.

The low-life of society are firmly entrenched at the AVA level and would not spend a second of their lives considering The CODE.

The CODE provides an anchor for the NAV to increase their contribution to the survival of their planet without abandoning their present beliefs.

The CODE provides an anchor for the SAV so that they can have baseline for turning the complex into the simple for all walks of life and thus find solutions to problems which presently so convoluted and complex that they defy simple answers.

The CODE :

Respect before Responsibilty  before Rights.